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Own a business in Ebonyi State? Consider advertising in

A business that advertised in EbonyiOnline saw sales increase by nearly 100% in 1 year. Other businesses have reported increased sales from customers (home and abroad) who found them by visiting EbonyiOnline.

There are three ways to advertise your business.


1) Business Profile

A full page profile of your business is added to our Business Profile section. The profile includes business name, address, contact info, description of your business and up to six pictures. We can also prepare and add video of your business for an extra fee.

Cost: N45,000


2) Advertisement

We can prepare and add your advert to the sidebar of the Home Page or the sidebar of other pages in Our advert rates cost between N25,000 to N95,000, depending on where the advert is placed and for how long. Contact us for specific pricing and options.


3) We Build Your Website and Link it to EbonyiOnline

We build websites for businesses, towns and governments. Our websites are professional quality and easy to maintain. We can build a website for your business and link it to and other online sites to increase the number of potential customers that visit your website. Click here to see some of our websites. And click here to see our prices. To get started, Contact us.

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