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Ebonyi State Ministry of Finance & Economic Development

Ebonyi State Ministry of Finance and Economic Development has recorded the following achievement, among others:

  1. Passing of bill and enactment of the Law Establishing the Ebonyi State Fiscal Responsibilities Law No.003 of 2008 and appointment of Executives Commission. This law sought to provide for probity, accountability and transparency in the handling of public finances and budget discipline
  2. Establishment of the Debt Management Office at the State Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. This provides for proper management of the States External and Internal Debt profiles.
  3. Computerization and centralization of the payroll system for public/civil servants in Ebonyi State (i.e., centralized Payroll System for Ebonyi State). The entire sixty-four (64) salary pay units, i.e. the Ministries, Departments and all parastatials and Agencies, including Government House, all have their salaries, centrally worked and paid from this central payroll at the Ministry of Finance. Pay slips are equally generated. We are currently working on the salary Administration with the Banks.
  4. Computerization of the Internally Generated Revenue and e-payments of IGR through the Banks for easy access by the State Board of Internal Revenue.
  5. Computerization of the office of the Accountant General and the Accounts production system for the state.
  6. Under consideration at Exco are:
  • A Bill for the Establishment of the Ebonyi State Public Procurement Bureau and the Public Procurement Law for the State which will properly enshrine due process in the handling of our public procurement and contract work and services.
  • The carrying out of a Baseline Survey for the enumeration of Housing Information, business concerns etc, which will ensure proper Tax Assessment in the State and increase in Revenue generation.
  • A Bill to enact the Ebonyi State Urban Tax and Related Matters Law.
  • Establishment of the Ebonyi State Fund Management Committee which meets once every month immediately after FAAC statutory Allocations to consider and allocate Funds for the State Ministries, Departments and Agencies requests for their activities in the State for the month.
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