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Ebonyi has a wide range of attractions for residents and visitors alike. Here are a few of them:

Experience the Hospitality!

The people of Ebonyi State share a remarkable sense of hospitality. Respectful. Easy gong. Trusting. These are words commonly used to describe Ebonyi men, women and children.

A visiting Japanese/UNIDO delegation get a taste of Ebonyi hospitality Ebonyi-hospitality-05



Cherished Customs & Traditions

In many towns across Ebonyi, age old customs and traditions continue to thrive along with modern trends. It is safe to say that Ebonyians have not forgotten their culture.



Ebonyi-markets-01 Ebonyi-markets-02 Bustling Markets & Cheap Food!

Known as the food basket of Nigeria, Ebonyi produces enough food to supply other states across the country. Fresh vegetables, rice, yams, fruits, fish and poultry – all in abundant supply!


Ebonyi-leisure-01 Leisure Activities

A golf course. Theme park. Traditional wrestling contests and games. Year round festivals and community events.

Experience these and more in Ebonyi towns and villages.



Dance eXtravaganza!

Ebonyi has more dance groups per square mile than most places on earth! And many of them are very good! Some like the famous Nkwa Umuagbogho have won multiple awards. Check out Ebonyi dance groups. Hire one or two for an unforgettable experience!

cultural-dance_01 Ebonyi-dance-02


Okposi-salt-lake-01 Historic Sites

The salt lakes of Okposi and Uburu once supplied salt to most of southeastern Nigeria. The slave routes in Ezza and Afikpo serve as a reminder of the infamous slave trade era. Check out these and other historic sites.



Ebonyi-masquerades_01 Ebonyi-culture-01 Must See Masquerades & Festivals

In Afikpo, dozens of masquerades thrill spectators in annual festivals and other events. In Edda and Unwana, the New Yam Festival is celebrated with gusto. Across Ebonyi, there is so much to see and do than we can fully cover here.


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