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REACH Continental Schools

Dreams come through if God is in the undertone. Who would believe that a mirage that was nursed in a small corner of Pastor and Sister D.O. Azu’s house in 2001 could later materialize to the gigantic citadel of learning called REACH Continental Schools!

Signboard of Reach Continental Schools, Afikpo, Ebonyi State

Signboard of Reach Continental Schools, Afikpo, Ebonyi State

The couple painted the picture of the realization of their dream to their sister-in-law, Mrs. Becky Elejeama Okoche. Her financial support coupled with her husband’s concur gave them the go-ahead in the spiritual and moral support they already had. They became highly motivated and then plunged into searching for a piece of land.

They later succeeded in purchasing a piece of land in the Ozarande Ojim area from late Egwu Urochi at Mater-Ozizza Road, Afikpo, in the presence of his son Ogbuu Egwu Urochi and with the aid of Barrister Ewa Agha. The plot was duly surveyed and registered. They became the first occupant of this piece of land. These events happened between 2001 and 2003. By the third quarter of 2003, work commenced there.

Students of Reach Continental Schools in a physics class

Students of Reach Continental Schools in a physics class

A six-classroom block with an administrative block became ready in the second quarter of 2005. The name of the school, REACH, was coined from our sisters’ name, R (Rebecca), EA (Elejeama), and CH (Okoche). The school commenced on September 27, 2007, with a school bus.

Teachers were drawn from graduates from universities and colleges of education. At the back of the mind of the founders was excellence, and so they employed seasoned teachers, not from WAEC holders or TC11 holders, not even to teach in the primary section.

Staff of Reach Continental Schools, Afikpo

Staff of Reach Continental Schools, Afikpo

We thank God who provided the funds, the health and the success so far in this fourth year, 2009.

Presently the school is excelling in these areas:

• The first JSSC examination had 100% pass, there was no failure.

• The school in three occasions has won laurels in their outings.

• Our Friday moral instructions help to keep the students and pupils morally decent.

• We have career talk/prayer/sessions which help students in their choice of career.

• Our ICT classes expose our student to the world of internet.

• Presently, the school has installed science laboratory equipment for science practicals.

• The WAEC hall is presently under construction.

By the grace of God, we hope to:

• Build boarding accommodations for students who wish to stay in the boarding section.

• Install a borehole in the school.

• Equip our library.

We owe God all the gratitude and still hope that He will further make our dreams to be fully unfolded. As we celebrate the launching of our maiden magazine and the send-forth of our JSS 3 to Senior Secondary Section, we solicit the help of all to contribute to the full fulfillment of the dream.

We want:

• A totally accomplished human product

• A democratic human product

• A liberal humanistic human product

• A structurally functionalized human product

REACH Continental is the answer!


Mrs. Mary U. Azu



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