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Ozizza Town Profile

Ozizza is a small town located at the northeastern border of Afikpo North Local Government Area.

A section of the community gathering place in Ozizza

A section of the community gathering place in Ozizza

Geographically, Ozizza shares a boundary on the east with Akpoha town in Amoha Local Government Area; on the south with Cross River State (the neighboring state less than 1 mile across the Cross River); and on the northwest with Ugwuegu and Nkpogoro communities in Afikpo Town.

Historically and culturally, Ozizza is one of the communities that made up the village group in the Old Afikpo Division. And like the other communities in this group, Ozizza has a rich cultural and artistic heritage that has been well preserved and continues to fascinate historians till date.

Today, Ozizza is slowly acquiring the attributes of a small suburban town with a growing population.

The people of Ozizza are mostly farmers, fishermen and traders. The nearby Cross River provides a quick gateway to towns in the neighboring Cross River State for trading and other purposes. The Cross River also serves as a source for fishing and water transportation of goods to and from towns along the river.

Ozizza has hosted some of the most memorable cultural festivals in recent memory in the Old Afikpo Division. One such event, the presentation of Okunkpo masquerades in 1993 drew hundreds of masquerades and thousands of spectators.


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